Continuing your Professional Development

The Autumn Summit 2017 is now over but that is no reason to stop your professional development!

So, I’d like to share some of the great content that our Autumn 2017 Summit speakers have created, from viral blogs to fascinating and fun videos, they are all here, for free, so you can continue your professional development journey before next year’s Summit.

Rae Pica’s blog on barefootedness went viral, and you can still find it here:

and Jan White extends this theme (along with some fantastic photos):

And once you have children on their feet, why not celebrate Diwali with some dancing? Helen Battelley suggests using the videos links below to teach children a variety of Bollywood dance routines. She suggests ‘Try creating a short routine using 4/5 of the moves (take note of the names given to the movements). This will initiate curiosity for other cultures, promote physical skills, coordination, musicality and engagement.

Children enjoy dressing up, use old adult Saris, each adult Sari creates 4 or 5 children’s Saris. Also, children may wear ankle bells to reinforce the rhythm of the music. A quick way to make ankle bells is to attach large jingle bells to pipe cleaners and twist gentle around the ankle.

Try dancing to Panjabi MC – Mundian to Bach Ke.


Celebrate the return of Rama and Sita – Happy Diwali’

In this great video, Maggie Dent explains the importance of movement, why it is so important, and – as ever – those great Common Sense ideas, such as having a rocking chair in your setting:

Sally Goddard Blythe explains why ‘Society’s technological drive at odds with child development’ in this very interesting article for Nursery World magazine:
Society’s technological drive at odds with child development

Dr Lala Manners explains the ‘Joy, play and doing together’ in this great blog. The blog also has links to the Finnish document that recommends their level of physical activity, which makes for very interesting reading!

Sandi Phoenix has just launched a set of Phoenix Cup Filling Cards that comes with 52 cups cards designed to educate, inspire and create awareness about filling your cups and the cups of those around you. Find more details of this brand new and beautiful resource here.

If you are looking for inspiration of all sorts, from baking to balancing logs, check out Steven White’s gallery at Tiptoes Nursery, Larbert:

The Foundation Years website has just released a very useful, 8-page document of SEND resources, as well as lots of other links to information and support sites that you may find useful:

If you would prefer a change and would like your professional development in a face to face conference, Greater Sport have just announced their Conference for next year – 24th of March 2018 at Sale West Conference centre, Manchester. See here for more details.

Alternatively, Nicola Burke is doing a live Conference on Friday 17th November, in London, all about embedding music in the EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). See here for more details.

And, of course, if you’d like to pre-register for the Spring 2018 Summit – all about Outdoor Play – simply register here and I’ll keep you updated.

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