Thanks for your interest in my Sustained Shared Thinking Guidelines - you can download a copy of them below.

Sustained Shared Thinking is a powerful technique for encouraging children to solve problems and extend their thinking skills.

It costs nothing, you need no specialist equipment – and it is fun to do. Research has shown how those settings with the best quality engage children in Sustained Shared Thinking regularly.

In these Guidelines I cover:

  • What Sustained Shared Thinking is
  • Why it's so powerful
  • How we can achieve successful Sustained Shared Thinking
  • The optimum time for Sustained Shared Thinking
  • Good places for Sustained Shared Thinking
  • Who can be involved with Sustained Shared Thinking

You can download your copy of the guidelines by clicking on the image or link below and it will download to your computer.

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The very best Sustained Shared Thinking can be developed by practicing a few techniques, such as active listening and positive questioning, and having an understanding of the value of Sustained Shared Thinking in every day practice.

The goal of this course is to explain these techniques, with examples of how and when to use them, so that you can interact with the children more effectively and encourage them to think more deeply.

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