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Men in Childcare: Interview with Sid Mohandas

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I had the great pleasure of chatting with Sid last week. He started his working life in a very different sector, as well as studying in a different country. Hear how he found his children have developed his practice and the experiences he has had as a male practitioner.

Sid has some great advice to men thinking of joining the Early Years sector:

Follow your heart, and don’t give up. There may be hurdles, but you are not alone, there are plenty of us who have gone through it and are going through it. And remember that your contribution to the Early Years sector is no small thing.” Wise words indeed.


You can visit Sid’s website www.themalemontessorian.com
Or join the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/themalemontessorians

Or follow on twitter @MaleMontessori or if you want to follow Sid @Sidmohandas


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