Online Training Courses

The Observation, Assessment and Planning Cycle

A 5 module course that examines and explores The Observation, Assessment and Planning Cycle:

  1. Observations
  2. Assessing and Evaluating Observations
  3. Planning
  4. Review of the Observation, Assessment and Planning Cycle
  5. Supporting others with the Observation, Assessment and Planning Cycle



Inclusion and Early Years Practice published by David Fulton (March, 2015)

Sustained Shared Thinking in the Early Years published by David Fulton (June, 2014)

Observation, Assessment and Planning: Bringing it All Together published by Open University Press (April, 2013)

Chapter on Personal, Social and Emotional Development in Hodder Education’s Early Years for the Foundation Degree, edited by Dr. Francisca Veale (January, 2013)

These publications are available from Amazon or good booksellers.

Nursery World:
30 October 2008 EYP Update: Networks will boost confidence

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01 October 2009 Careers and Training: Continuing Professional Development – Next steps from EYPS Kathy Brodie

12 Monthly sections throughout 2010 entitled “The Expert’s View” in the EYFS Training section

2011 Contributor to Nursery Management articles throughout the year

2012 Contributor to articles on EYPS

January to April 2013 A four part Practical Management Series, written with Des Forrest

06 September 2013 Early Years Teacher Part 1 – A new door opens

Early Years Educator
Professional Articles: Reflect and improve Early Years Educator (EYE), Vol. 12, Iss. 2, 01 Jun 2010, pp 15

Professional Articles: Schoolification of the early years Early Years Educator (EYE), Vol. 14, Iss. 12, 01 April 2013, pp7

Provision: Know your audiences Early Years Educator (EYE), Vol. 15, Iss. 07, 01 November 2013, pp 28  – 30

Provision: Using ICT in observations Early Years Educator (EYE), Vol. 16, Iss. 05, 05 September 2014 pp 14 – 16

Teach Early Years (used to be Teach Nursery)

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Nursery Management Today
Building effective working relationships between managers and their EYPs, January 2013

Book review

Book review of Special Needs and Early Years by Kate Wall in the Journal of Early Childhood Research 2012; 10 pp. 226-227