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Social Networking for Childminders

The impact of electronic media simply can’t be ignored these days.”

I first wrote this almost four years ago – and since then the influence of social media has exploded exponentially.

Who would’ve predicted, four years ago, that our charitable donations would be based on a shared photo of a friend on Facebook having ice cold water poured over their head? Or that a single Twitter photo would be retweeted 1.3 MILLION times in less than an hour?

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Social Networking

The impact of electronic media simply can’t be ignored these days.

More and more nurseries are setting up websites, using email to contact parents and setting up Facebook pages for the nursery. And of course, many staff members are active Facebook and Twitter users, and some have their own blogs or social networking sites.

The increased use of electronic media can bring great benefits. It can reinforce the partnership between parents and staff. It can provide a forum for discussion, learning and team building. And it can create a sense of community for the nursery. A dedicated nursery Facebook site, which both staff and parents can join, can celebrate the children’s achievements, advertise upcoming events or share the successes of staff when they pass exams.

But it’s not without its risks.

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