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I was very excited to receive my pack of SEN resources from SEN Assist, which are designed to teach literacy, brought alive through fairy tales.

The pack consists of 6 DVDs and a resource book. The set I have are for PCs, so you will have to be aware of this if you have another computer, such as a Mac.

The game starts with the child choosing a character who is their avatar. I was particularly pleased to see such a wide range of characters to choose from, all beautifully illustrated. In fact, the illustrations throughout are deceptively simple and very charming, which I feel all children would engage with very easily. From there you can choose several levels and ways to play the games.

I played the DVDs with my son, who quickly picked up the ‘rules’ of the game and was thoroughly hooked, trying several different levels and games before allowing me a turn! He was especially happy about the praise and encouragement given at the end of each game, when his avatar celebrated with him. The printable certificates are a nice addition, making it very easy for a teacher to both record and celebrate the achievement of the child. I liked the broad range of levels, giving good differentiation for a wide range of abilities.

This format for engaging with literacy is ideal for today’s children, who tend to be comfortable using the computer in this way.

You can get more information and order these products from: SEN Assist website

Disclaimer: I received a review copy from the good people at SEN Assist

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