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My Book: Sustained Shared Thinking

sst-coverSustained Shared Thinking is fundamental to good Early Years practice.
It costs nothing, yet research (via the EPPE project) has shown that it improves outcomes for children by supporting their deep level learning and holistic development.

This book clearly explains what Sustained Shared Thinking is and examines the skills and expertise needed to initiate, encourage and facilitate it. It explores the attitudes, knowledge and understanding that a practitioner in any setting should adopt in order to start or develop successful Sustained Shared Thinking.

Included are the characteristics of effective learning, the prime and specific areas of learning development, the role of the practitioner, the environment and working with parents.There are also:

  • Boxed links to key theory and research
  • Practical strategies highlighted in the text
  • Further reading ideas

You can get it from Amazon here.

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