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The Colour of Christmas

This is a very special guest blog by Kathryn Albany-Ward.

A Colour Blind Christmas

Kathryn Albany-Ward, Founder Colour Blind Awareness


Normal Vision



This time of year is tinged with a bit of sadness for me, ever since we found out our son is severely colour blind. Until he was 7 we were in blissful ignorance that the colours of Christmas hold no meaning for him.

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Where’s Wally? And Why it’s Important

Yesterday I was at the most amazing training session. It was the last session on a course which I have thoroughly enjoyed leading and am proud to be a part of – the Early Years SENCO, run by Stockport Local Authority and certified by Manchester Metropolitan University.

All ten sessions have been really informative and very enjoyable. However, the reason for particularly singling out yesterday’s session is that I now know why my husband can’t find Wally!

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