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Men in Childcare – Interview with Kris Nimbley

Kris Nimbley Kris Nimbley is studying for his BA (Hons) in Childhood Studies in Scotland and we started corresponding when he downloaded his free copy of the observation guidelines. We then ‘bumped into’ each other on Twitter – and the conversations haven’t stopped since!

Kris has a very clear vision of how he would like to see the Early Years sector develop, with a mountain of sensible ideas. Hear about how Kris got onto his course ‘almost by mistake’, his ethos and philosophy for Early Years Education and how his own early childhood experiences have influenced these.

You too can follow Kris on Twitter: @KrisNimbley



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  • Ian Mullock Apr 10,2018 at 7:47 pm

    I would love to have the opportunity to share my own experiences. Hopefully you are still looking to build on your existing podcasts? I have also recently begun a blog (see webpage).

    • Kathy Apr 14,2018 at 10:43 am

      Hi Ian,
      Many thanks for getting in contact.
      I’m not currently doing any more Men in Childcare podcasts. However, I will check out your blog.
      Very best regards

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