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Do we need Men in The Early Years?

One of the workshops that I attended at the Men in The Early Years (MITEY) Conference in Bradford was run by Jeremy Davies from the Fatherhood Institute and centred around recruiting men into the early years’ sector.

Early on in the workshop, Jeremy asked a very interesting question, which set the pace for the workshop – Why does it matter to children if we have men in the early years? Where is the evidence coming from? Bearing in mind that this was a ‘Men in the Early Years’ conference, I thought this was a fascinating place to start and I started to guess that this was going to be more than your average workshop!

Sure enough, after a series of group discussions, we had covered some very stimulating questions, with some excellent contributions from both Jeremy and his audience. A few things gave me particular pause for thought:

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Men in The Early Years 2017 (MITEY17) Conference

I had the great pleasure of attending the second Men in The Early Years (MiTEY) Conference in Bradford this week.

There were so many great people – the first two people I met when I arrived were the amazing dynamo who is Nathan Archer and the man who started the Men in The Early Years Conference last year in Southampton, David Wright (aka Mr Paint Pots), a brilliant start to the day! And the content of the day turned out to be just as impressive.

Dr Jo Warin, along with Yuwei Xu, spoke about the gender flexible Early Years practitioner. In this fascinating keynote, Dr Warin talked about a number of interesting facets of being a man in a female dominated environment but the one area that grabbed my attention was the discussion about our understanding of ‘gender’.

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Men In Childcare Podcast

Men In Childcare: Interview With David Wright

David WrightDavid Wright, together with his wife Anna, runs Paint Pots nurseries in Southampton. Their son Joseph has recently joined the family business. Paint Pots comprises 7 settings – 5 day nurseries, 2 preschools. Their motto is ‘Love, Laughter and Learning.’  

David has already had a successful and substantial career in IT, before entering into the childcare business. Together with his wife Anna they set up Paint Pots Day Nursery after Anna’s pre-school outgrew their house. 

Here David discusses his philosophy that “boys and girls need men and women”.  He also has some marvellous tips on encouraging men into the setting – including Pirates!

You can find out more about Paint Pots nurseries in Southampton, including David’s blog, at: www.paintpotsnursery.co.uk
And you can follow David on Twitter at: @Mr_Paintpots

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